Meet Ramkali

A member of the lowest caste system, the Dalit, she is uneducated and was never taught to read or write. She is 35, a mother of 5 and married to a broommaker who, even though his income is only 4000 Rupees a month (approximately $80 USD), forced her to continue having children until she had a son. Her 4 daughters, one of whom is married, and her son, live with her at their home while they finish school. They have no working toilet or shower so they use the facilities at WORK+SHELTER in the morning.

Now that Ramkali is at WORK+SHELTER, she has an income of her own that helps support her family and also provides her with a safety net. At WORK+SHELTER, she is learning a skill that will enable her to become independent. Maybe most importantly though, she is building connections with other women —  women in India who now have each other as a support system, which is vital in rural, impoverished areas, and women across the globe who work with and help support WORK+SHELTER.

You can become a part of the global support system to  Ramkali and the women at WORK+SHELTER

By supporting WORK+SHELTER, you ensure that we can continue to provide a safe place for these women so that they can become independent, self-sufficient and rise above their surroundings.  By donating to WORK+SHELTER or buying products from The Lotus Odyssey you are helping us to continue providing a safe place for these women to thrive.

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