The women are busy with packing and shipping some of our Fall 2012 Products!

That is a very good question. The women at WORK+SHELTER are currently making the Sweatertoys incarnation of the so-called “unicorn whale,” and were curious to know more about it.

Here’s a picture of Seema and Maqsooda learning more on the good ol’ world wide web!

Making fun of my Hindi never gets old! Here are some images of a chat I had with Baljeet and Seema recently.

Chatting with the ladies of WORKS+SHELTER, Baljeet, Kulwant, Ritu, and Seema below 🙂 Thanks for translating Puneet!



Kulwant, Ritu and Ramkali on a Skype session with WORK+SHELTER Finance Director Namita Krul!

One of many amazing moments during our recent WORK+SHELTER Summit in NYC. All of the W+S ladies came to the computer screen and thanked Jorel for all of his hard work. They’ve never met him but they know that he’s here to help! Lovely.

I had a great time with Nadya Migalko and Andrea Patton at our most recent WORK+SHELTER photo-shoot in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. My new occupation: stylist!



Here is our best-selling Corner to Corner Wrap, in a gorgeous Cherry Red and the Classic Cream,

worn by two of our lovely women, Ramkali and Seema!


Detail of the Red Corner to Corner Wrap



Ramkali wearing the Red Corner to Corner Wrap

Detail of the Cream Corner to Corner Wrap


Seema wearing the Cream Corner to Corner Wrap