Tea-Dyed Hand Warmers

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Last year, Katie Canavan of Under the Red Umbrella created the Tea-Dyed Yarn for WORK+SHELTER. We loved it so much, we created the Tea-Dyed Hand-warmers. The artisans at WORK+SHELTER knit our classic hand-warmer pattern using yarns dyed in Darjeeling and Chamomile.

You can read about the initial dyeing process on Katie’s blog, and order your Tea-Dyed Hand-Warmers on The Lotus Odyssey!


TIAW and the World of Difference awards

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We are so excited  that W+S Co-Founder Namita Krul has been chosen by the International Alliance of Women to be a recipient of the World of Difference Award! She is one of only 100 women across the globe to be chosen for the award this year, which will culminate in an awards ceremony in Washington DC in March 2014.

We are so thrilled that Namita has been recognized for all her work, and that her dedication to empowering women will be recognized.

Read more about TIAW and the World of Difference Award here and visit the New Yardsticks website, Namita’s Organization in the Netherlands.




W+S and Lydali

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The artisans at WORK+ SHELTER have been busy creating these  Neon and Wood Bangles for Lydali,  a carefully curated online collection of fair-trade goods. We are so excited to work with them, and absolutely love the bangles.


Make sure you check out Lydali, shop their gorgeous goods and order your bangle set today!

WORK+SHELTER’s new sewing machine!

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WORK+SHELTER is the proud owner of a new single needle, lock stitch industrial sewing machine!

20130605_134607Masterji came out to WORK+SHELTER to help install the machine and train the women. As the women use the machine, he will come to assist them with any questions or technical support they may need.


We are so excited to start utilizing this machine. It will enable us to teach the women new schools and expand the products we can create for designers and retailers which will help keep WORK+SHELTER growing!



Interview with Andrea Soong

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Andrea Soong was one of the initial Kickstarter funders for WORK+SHELTER. Recently she took a trip to New Delhi and got to visit WORK+SHELTER!

We asked her a few questions about her experience there and what it meant to help start WORK+SHELTER


1. What drew you to be a kickstarter funder for WORK+SHELTER?

Theresa is a good friend of mine from undergraduate days at Michigan. I must have seen something on Theresa’s (or the Lotus Odyssey’s?) facebook page, but I hadn’t heard of Kickstarter before then. It sounded like a really innovative way to support a great cause, especially because my school and work background has largely focused on women’s issues.

2. What made you want to visit the Shelter in New Delhi?

I was traveling to South India for a research project and contacted Theresa for some general travel tips and suggestions, and it just kind of worked itself out! I wanted to see Delhi for a few days, and Theresa needed to send some more materials to the ladies at WORK+SHELTER. So, I packed up 15 lbs of yarn from Theresa, and flew to Delhi where her (wonderful) mother-in-law hosted me and brought me to the shelter for an afternoon.

3.What was your experience like visiting the Shelter?

It was exciting to see the Shelter in person, and honestly, very fulfilling to see the funds in action. It is one thing to read about the organization and the womens’ bios on the website, but it is quite another to see it all in person. I was impressed with how the actual space was set up and organized. Everyone was working hard, yet the atmosphere was really cozy and friendly. The women were delightful–we didn’t speak each other’s language, but had a few laughs trying to do so!

4. Do you feel like WORK+SHELTER is making a positive impact on the lives of the women?

Yes! I believe it empowers women in a tangible and sustainable way.


Thank you to Andrea Soong for supporting WORK+SHELTER and telling us about her visit!

You too can help support WORK+SHELTER by purchasing any of the products on The Lotus Odyssey!


Update from Caitlin Wicker of Sweatertoys!

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IMG_1927We asked Caitlin Wicker of Sweatertoys to share her thoughts on working with WORK+SHELTER, read what she had to say!

“I’ve really enjoyed working with WORK+SHELTER. I had been looking for an opportunity to expand my business but was always hesitant to outsource because I didn’t know where to begin. Anjali and Theresa are very involved in every step of the process, and are dedicated to ensuring that the finished product is exactly what I’ve asked for. Their professionalism and experience in the industry is very reassuring. I’m confident that this relationship will continue to grow.”

A big Thank You to Caitlin!


If you are interested in sourcing through WORK+SHELTER, visit the Sourcing page and contact us at [email protected]!