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Hello Beautiful WORK+SHELTER Ladies!

Today we talked about the following, and more! : -Seema’s computer classes – her course has finished – has she been practicing? -How Renu likes W+S -Bangles we’re developing for a client -Experimental knit penguins and narwhals -The snowy weather in NYC

What is a Narwhal?

That is a very good question. The women at WORK+SHELTER are currently making the Sweatertoys incarnation of the so-called “unicorn whale,” and were curious to know more about it. Here’s a picture of Seema and Maqsooda learning more on the good ol’ world wide web!

August 23rd Chat

Chatting with the ladies of WORKS+SHELTER, Baljeet, Kulwant, Ritu, and Seema below 🙂 Thanks for translating Puneet!    

WORK+SHELTER Ladies Chatting with Jorel

One of many amazing moments during our recent WORK+SHELTER Summit in NYC. All of the W+S ladies came to the computer screen and thanked Jorel for all of his hard work. They’ve never met him but they know that he’s here to help! Lovely.

W+S Photoshoot

I had a great time with Nadya Migalko and Andrea Patton at our most recent WORK+SHELTER photo-shoot in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. My new occupation: stylist!  

Green Festival

Thanks to Linda K. for being the first to purchase one of our WORK+SHELTER Corner to Corner Wraps at this past weekend’s Green Festival! And to Andrea Patton for braving the rain to be there to support us! And to Jade Hughes for saving the day!

April 20th, 2012

Today’s screenshot is of the WORK+SHELTER manager Pooja. We love it when she smiles. She’s laughing because Seema suggested that if our new Lace Striped Sweater pattern doesn’t work out, we can always turn it into a miniskirt!