At WORK+SHELTER, graduates from our Non-Profit job training program are ethically employed to make promotional products and custom designer products for companies and brands.

If you’re interested in working with us to make your promotional products, check out our online store at



WORK+SHELTER products are made by women that are paid a fair wage, work in safe conditions, and put in a maximum of 8 hours per day with two delicious chai breaks. Already, we have improved the lives of over 30 women. Help us increase our impact by hiring us to make items such as T-shirts, tote bags, makeup pouches, organic apparel, and more.


We believe manufacturing can be simultaneously efficient, environmentally friendly, and fair. In following with our beliefs, we apply Lean manufacturing principles to our workplace, think critically about how we manage our material scraps and provide an ethical and safe work environment for our employees. Our high-end production equipment and quality control process ensure that our end-products meet robust quality standards.


In order to make the manufacturing process as easy as possible for our clients, we frequently source fabric (especially GOTS Certified Organic Cotton), notions, and packaging for each order. Our team’s resourcefulness and our connections with fabric, notions, and packaging vendors provide our clients with sourcing options they otherwise don’t have access to. Because of our varied experience, we have the ability to source material from traditional sources, but also from alternative sources including low-impact fiber producers, such as jute manufacturers, and even hand-woven fibers from other social benefit organizations.


We work with great vendors that screen print, digitally print or naturally-dye fabrics in-house. We personally source vendors and oversee their work so our clients don’t have to. Why oversee vendor and materials sourcing? We want to make it as easy as possible for companies and brands to employ our ethical unit.


We understand the difficulty in working with companies overseas. The different time zone, language, and cultural barriers can be confusing to navigate. As a result, we have a dedicated customer service team that’s equipped to manage your orders and coordinate with our team in India. We happily wake up early and stay up late so you don’t have to.


Unload some of your work by letting us handle shipping and customs; this service is already included in the price of each product we sell. With experience shipping by both air and sea, we’ll make sure to choose an option that’s best suited to your deadlines.

"WORK+SHELTER is willing to invest time and resources in product development and refinement and is highly receptive to feedback. "

− J.J. Mullane, Illumen Reusables

"We have collaborated on two projects with WORK+SHELTER thus far. Their professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and amazing customer service is why we are proud to be supporting such a wonderful cause. We have had much success together and consider WORK+SHELTER to be a trusted partner."

− Nishaant Sangaavi, BAS