WORK+SHELTER has teamed up with Rubina to create these gorgeous cowls!  Read our interview with Rubina Founder,  Kari Litzmann, then visit the Rubina site to read more about this wonderful organization and order your super cozy Chevron Cowl today!

1. What is Rubina and how did it come about?

Rubina sells accessory products exclusively made by designers collaborating with marginalized women artisans to ensure consistent income and preserve traditional craft.

Rubina was started in 2012, but it’s inspiration happened in 2005 during a thesis research trip to Pakistan when I met a woman named Rubina. She was the only one out of about 100 women participating in sewing and embroidery training that expressed the desire to start her own business with her newly learned skills, but unable to do so given her socioeconomic situation in the conservative region of Northwest Pakistan. Rubina had the talent, drive, and vision to see what could be instead of what was that inspired a business model for the inclusion of talented, entrepreneurial women who only lacked a connection to a robust market.

2.How did you learn about WORK+SHELTER?

Theresa, Namita, and I all met at a New York Women Social Entrepreneurs‘ Dinner in the summer of 2011. We bonded over our love for India and the organizations we were both starting that focused on women. I feel really lucky that we ran into each other that night and am happy that NYWSE (a volunteer organization I lead on the side) is a place that connects people that eventually become business partners and friends!

3. Why is it important for you to work with the women at WORK+SHELTER?

WORK + SHELTER is doing some amazing work with women in Delhi. I had the privilege of visiting the shelter and meeting the women, seeing their process and getting to know their stories. Many of their stories were heartbreaking, but it was so inspiring to see those same women waking up and coming to work every day, most as sole providers for their children, many living in abusive situations, and one even working to put her sister to school. This determination and sense of purpose, as well as the high level of skill each of these women possess, is exactly why Rubina decided to partner with W+S. And because we believe in the work W+S does, our goal is to continue to develop beautiful products with these women to help sustain their lives and the lives of their families.

* Photos courtesy of Andrea Patton

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