WORK+SHELTER is teaming up with Sweatertoys!
The lovely creator of Sweatertoys, Caitlin Wicker ( far right picture), answered a few of our questions so you could get to know her a little better!

How did the idea of Sweatertoys come about?
Sweatertoys came to life back in 2005. My sister’s favorite childhood stuffed bunny, Pinksey, literally fell apart. I wanted to make a stuffed animal for my sister to make her feel better, but I didn’t know how to sew much besides a straight line, and I wasn’t sure what materials to use. An avid thrifter, I came across a soft pink cashmere sweater that was practically begging to be repurposed. The end result was a haggard-looking stuffed tapir. Despite its flaws and my frustration at not truly knowing how to sew, I was excited to further pursue this idea.

How did the idea to partner with WORK+SHELTER come about?
I was introduced to (WORK+SHELTER Founder and President) Theresa through a friend. I volunteered to share with her my New York retail contacts and help her approach stores in which to sell goods made by WORK+SHELTER women. She mentioned the possibility of WORK+SHELTER women helping to make my stuffed animals. Once the seed was planted, we decided to move forward

Why is it important for you to work with the women at WORK+SHELTER?
Sweatertoys is my baby. I want my business to grow, but not at the expense of other human beings. I don’t want them mass-produced in factories in China. I like the idea that WORK+SHELTER women are not only receiving fair wages to make Sweatertoys, they are also being trained to be productive citizens.

We know you will love Caitlin and her Sweatertoys as much as we do.
The women at WORK+SHELTER are currently making penguins and narwhales, with more adorable animals to follow!
Keep checking your WORK+SHELTER newsletter for updates!

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