Namita working hard at WORK+SHELTER New Delhi

Namita working hard at WORK+SHELTER New Delhi


After a recent trip to WORK+SHELTER New Dehli with Theresa Vandermeer and Jorel Van Os, Namita Krul shared with us some of her notes on the progress at the shelter and some goals for the coming year.

“I realized,after visiting the shelter once again, how much progress the ladies have made. Not only with the knitting quality but more importantly with building self-confidence. They are a happy group of ladies who are turning into a very friendly team. There were no tensions or  under- currents, as such. A fact that can usually be so when ladies work together so closely, day in and day out. This makes the shelter indeed a safe space and the atmosphere is warm.

 Anjali fits in very well with these ladies as an operational manager and we’ve got good support from her. She is absolutely flexible with her time and has no 9 to 5 mentality which makes our work conducive.
We had set up many goals to achieve within a short period of our stay. Not all of them were realized as time flew by and fatigue took its toll. Yet, looking back, we have come far in this first year.
 The inauguration of the shelter was held on the 8th of December 2011
Happy birthday WORK+SHELTER”
You can read more about Namita on the Leadership page and read her interview in Dutch magazine “My World”.
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