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Thanks to Linda K. for being the first to purchase one of our WORK+SHELTER Corner to Corner Wraps at this past weekend’s Green Festival!

And to Andrea Patton for braving the rain to be there to support us!

And to Jade Hughes for saving the day!

Today’s screenshot is of the WORK+SHELTER manager Pooja. We love it when she smiles. She’s laughing because Seema suggested that if our new Lace Striped Sweater pattern doesn’t work out, we can always turn it into a miniskirt!

Today’s Skype screenshot from WORK+SHELTER: The power is out! And Ramkali needs an advance for her son’s school admission.

We are so excited about the new tea-dyed cowl necks we’re developing for our friend Kari at Rubina Design.

Sneak peak below!

From left to right we have wool dyed with Chamomile, Hibiscus, Darjeeling, Jasmine, & Green Tea.

The children of the women of WORK+SHELTER came in this week for some positive reinforcement –  show us your report card and get school supplies!