WORK+SHELTER focuses on women’s empowerment and poverty alleviation by providing Indian women with fair-trade work. 

We are an organization devoted to job training in cutting and sewing, production management, and basic educational modules. At W+S ORG in New Delhi, women are entered into our paid training program where we teach them the skills to create high-quality products for the export market. The only entry prerequisite we have is demonstrated economic need.
By teaching the women enrolled in our program these new skill sets, we provide the means to achieve financial agency for themselves. For the vulnerable women we work with, financial agency is life changing.

How can financial agency change lives?

Women who train with W+S NGO can go on to work at W+S LLC, and don’t have to make difficult decisions like choosing between feeding themselves and sending their kids to school. With financial independence, our employees don’t need to rely on the often inconsistent income their spouses bring home. Employees living in unsafe or abusive situations are better able to care for themselves, or even leave those situations once they are financially secure. 
When a woman completes training at W+S ORG, she can begin working full-time to produce for the export market at W+S LLC at a fair wage. The women are paid regularly, receive health and financial support services, and have the opportunity to raises or promotions. We are aware of each woman’s unique challenges and actively work with them to overcome them together.
Job training for women positively impacts their futures and those of their families. Help us to expand the reach of our program and please donate today! We rely on your support.

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