IMG_1927We asked Caitlin Wicker of Sweatertoys to share her thoughts on working with WORK+SHELTER, read what she had to say!

“I’ve really enjoyed working with WORK+SHELTER. I had been looking for an opportunity to expand my business but was always hesitant to outsource because I didn’t know where to begin. Anjali and Theresa are very involved in every step of the process, and are dedicated to ensuring that the finished product is exactly what I’ve asked for. Their professionalism and experience in the industry is very reassuring. I’m confident that this relationship will continue to grow.”

A big Thank You to Caitlin!


If you are interested in sourcing through WORK+SHELTER, visit the Sourcing page and contact us at [email protected]!

T was hassling Seema about her English classes, challenging her to be ready to say more than, “I’m fine” by next Monday! 🙂

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Today we talked about the following, and more! :

-Seema’s computer classes – her course has finished – has she been practicing?
-How Renu likes W+S
-Bangles we’re developing for a client
-Experimental knit penguins and narwhals
-The snowy weather in NYC