As you can see, we’ve updated our website design. The goal was to better distinguish WORK+SHELTER’s mission with that of our partner The Lotus Odyssey. As stated on our homepage, WORK+SHELTER is “creating safe spaces in India where women can come to live and work.”

At W+S women are taught to use the skills they have or develop new ones, and contribute to the success of the organization by effectively filling their role within the larger production process. Apparel and accessories produced by the women are then sold to overseas markets, including our sister organization, The Lotus Odyssey.

If you’re interested in supporting WORK+SHELTER by purchasing individual pieces please visit The Lotus Odyssey’s website. Wholesale inquiries and other questions should be directed to [email protected]. Thanks for visiting!

Seema and Theresa

Seema getting her dose of sunshine while she knits the forthcoming Corner to Corner Wrap

Ritu’s old job paid less than $1 per day. Her fair-trade W+S wage is almost 10 times what she was earning.